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Even the Craft-Challenged Can Do This!

Ok, let’s just put it out there. I am not a crafter. I have never been a crafter. For some reason, I did not receive that gene that enabled me to see an object as it could be, not as it was. That was the gene everyone else in my family seemed to receive.

My mom, she is the amazing seamstress and baker. Growing up, I was often envious of my friends because they donned store-bought Halloween costumes. Mine was always homemade—which was lame to me as a kid; now I treasure those one-of-a-kind costumes. And every holiday season, you can count on my mom to provide some pretty outstanding pumpkin bread.

My sister is also a great seamstress and baker. But she also has a talent for crafting. She is very talented in making hair bows. My niece has enough hair bows, in every color, to fill the backside of her bedroom door. Some of them she has only worn once—others, not at all.

Then there’s me. I can bake, that is one talent I was graced with. But I can’t sew (I messed up pajama pants), and there is no way I can make a hair bow. I’d like to consider myself creative in other ways, but crafting just isn’t one of them.

I’ve always had the desire to be craftier. I love the expression on someone’s face when they receive a homemade gift. There is something very special about that. But unfortunately, that isn’t a look I get very often. I’m known for going to the store and buying something, rather than putting in the time to make it myself.

But the Holiday Packaging Bundles allow me the simplicity of something easy to put together without forfeiting the homemade touch.

They are SO easy and help someone as craft-challenged as me create something unique and memorable. I have no shame in saying I made something (even if it’s only half true).

For the Petite Treats Bundle, I decided to use some store bought candy as the filler (told you I was known for going to the store and buying something). But if you have a special homemade treat, that would be great as well. I just dropped in to my local dollar store and found a few bags of their holiday candy.

I filled the bags with a few of the candies and then used the Gumball Green 3/8" Stitched Satin Ribbon to wrap around the outside of the bag. I chose to wrap it like a present, but any design could be used.

Then I fastened the Handmade Holidays Stitched Felt to the ribbon for the final touch. That was it. It was just that easy!

Everything matches and I wasn’t left wondering if the package looked like something my four-year-old niece put together. It was adorable. 

So if someone as craft-challenged as me can put together a cute package, there is no excuse for you! 

Rachel J
PR Specialist


  • Lori

    May 30

    Nicely done! I'm so proud.