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The Making of a Magazine

Almost every month for the past four years I have been able to go press side to watch Stampin’ Success (our bimonthly demonstrator magazine) be printed and readied for distribution. It has never gotten old. I love seeing a project go from concept to full completion and I love seeing comments from demonstrators regarding the magazine. So much thought and time goes into this publication and every little detail is planned to the best of our ability in hopes that we can help support our most valuable asset—demonstrators.

I take this same gusto with me as I go and check to make sure the magazine printing is the best quality possible. Not only do we work hard to make this work, but the printer does an enormous amount of preparation to make sure the quality of the magazine is up to—or above—par.

After five to six months of planning, it all comes down to a couple days on press to see the final product. My main job is to ensure that the colors are correct and that the final product is assembled and shipped out on time.

On my last press check I had the pleasure of being accompanied by Sean Douglass. Because we were printing both Stampin’ Success and the leadership workbook at the same time Sean came along as a second set of eyes and to help ensure things would go smoothly. To add to that, we were printing silver ink, something we have never done in a magazine or in a workbook before.

It’s always cool to see a magazine being printed. When I walk into the press room the first thing I notice is the smell of ink. I love that smell. Watching paper come off of a one-ton roll, fly through the press, and come out folded at the end never gets old. It’s amazing to see something start from a roll of paper and end up a magazine.

Steve D
Senior Graphic Designer


  • Jo

    Feb 09

    Very cool. I love to read the magazine. But seeing how it's made would be so cool.