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Creating MDS Wood Type

Recently I had the opportunity to create a digital download for My Digital Studio. It is called A To Z Woodpress. I was excited to learn that they wanted a wood type alphabet. Being a graphic designer I have always had a love for printing and have especially had a fascination with wood type printing. I collect old wood type used in printing presses and have always wanted to do something more with it.

The initial idea was to create letters from thin sheets of wood paper. I thought if we could find a way to create actual wood blocks like the ones used in printing, that we would be able to offer a unique download. (It was also a little self-serving because I really like wood type.)

I worked closely with some really talented people here at work and we figured out a way to cut out the wood type blocks with the laser cutter used to create stamps. It was a lot of fun—and very educational learning how the laser cutter worked.

Printing with wood type brings a unique feel and look that catches your eye. The tactile look draws you in and makes you want to touch it. It is a true craft of visual communication done by artists that combines both form and function, showing that typography is a true art form.

I had a lot of fun working on this project and am excited and hopeful that the new MDS wood type download will be a success. It’s available now.

Steve D
Senior Graphic Designer


  • Tyler

    Feb 14

    Very cool!