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National Hobby Month: Hand-drawn type

I love making cards for my friends and family. It’s a fantastic hobby! But sometimes I want to make it a little more unique and personalized. I’m not saying you can’t achieve this using our stamps—you absolutely can. But as a graphic designer, every once in a while it’s fun for me to get creative with fonts.

Here is what I did.

I chose a font I had on my computer. (I used thirsty script bold, which can be purchased here:

I arranged my birthday greeting exactly how I wanted it, at the size I wanted, and printed it out in a Basic Gray color. (Color doesn’t matter at this step.) I used Adobe InDesign, but you can use My Digital Studio or simply Microsoft Word.

Using transfer paper (which can be purchased at any hobby/craft store) I lightly traced my greeting onto the Whisper White Cardstock I decided to use for my card. I say lightly because if you trace too hard, you will see the trace marks on your card.

You should have your cardstock on the bottom, then the transfer paper (with the darker side facing down toward the cardstock). Then the printed paper with your design on top comes last.

Try not to use too much tape. I used one piece to tape the transfer paper to the printed paper, and then the printed paper to the cardstock.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect; if you want it perfect you’re better off just printing your design directly onto the cardstock. The point of this is to get a hand drawn feel.

Once you have it traced, choose which Stampin Write Marker you want to use. I used Basic Gray and Real Red. I outlined it first with the 0.5 mm side, then colored it in with the thicker side.

After that it’s just a few simple cuts and scores with our new trimmer and my card is finished!

Britni H.
Graphic Designer


  • Holly R

    Nov 29

    I'm going to try that. Thanks!