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Documenting the New Year…or Old Year

Last year I set a New Year resolution to focus on documenting our life in 2012 and getting pictures into albums. I laid out plans to work month by month, take pictures, collect ephemera, and at the end of the month put it all in my 12" x 12" album. But then life happened and I started to get really bad morning sickness and my lofty goals went out the window. So this year I have set a resolution to go back and work on my 2012 album. I have to say it was so much fun going through our pictures from a year ago. The year 2012 was a challenging—but good—year and I am so excited to get all those memories documented.

I started by going through all my pictures from last January and picking my favorites. I then went through the 12" x 12" Divided Page Protectors and picked the best ones for the photos I wanted to use. I love our divided page protectors and all the options that they give. After that I opened MDS2 and went to work. I designed a few little cards to help tell the story of our month, added some stamps to my photos, and collaged some photos together. I then printed everything out, cut my photos and cards to size, added a few embellishments and put them in the pockets. Oh what a sense of accomplishment! I can't wait to share February with you. Are you ready to start documenting your year too?

Arika B
Concept Artist