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Designing the 25th Year Celebration Logo

I'd like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what we did here at Stampin' Up! to bring you the 25th Year Celebration Logo.

Last April, a team of designers was gathered and tasked with generating and sketching ideas for the 25-year mark. At the end of week one, we gathered and presented our ideas to one another. After discussing the ideas, we were asked to revise the concepts and to explore additional ideas.

After generating a number of sketches for the 25th Year Celebration logo, two concepts were chosen for moving ahead. As a design team, we were drawn visually to the type flowing on an angle while still standing upright; it spoke to the idea of growth and accomplishment. I was delighted when one of my concepts was chosen as one of the final two directions to pursue.

Another integral part of the design that had been determined by the design team was to retain a hand-drawn quality in the final logo. Because of this, the instruction was to move ahead rendering the logo by hand instead of developing it on the computer. Therefore, the next few weeks were filled with sketching and more sketching. My desk was covered with grid paper and eraser crumbs.

After a few meetings and revisions, the final logo was selected.

I traced the logo on tracing paper, scanned the image, then redrew the logo in Adobe Illustrator.

After a few months of tedious revisions, tweaking, fixing, nudging, etc., the logo was finalized.

Finalized . . . ? That was not the end of this logo’s process. We discovered that when the logo was itty bitty, a lot of details were running together—making the logo really hard to read. To avoid the sizing problems, a unique logo was created for every 1/2" the logo would appear. From 1/2"–3", there are a total of five logo variations.

The final step: translations. The logo was created in four languages—English, Spanish, German, and French. Because the logo was hand drawn, I couldn’t simply type in the translated words for “Difference” and “years.” Fortunately, I was able to use a few letterforms from the English logo, but a majority of the letters had to be redrawn.

What a rewarding project! It was a great experience for me to work with Stampin’ Up!’s art director, vice president of sales, and even Shelli Gardner to make the 25th year celebration logo the best it could be. It has been so fun to see the logo being used in such a wide variety of places throughout the year.

Cheers to 25 years!

Haylee L, Stampin' Up! Graphic Designer


  • Beke Pyne

    Feb 09

    what a wonderful walk through of your creative process! Cogratulations on having your design chosen. It really is lovely. xo

  • Joanie Pelkie

    Feb 09

    Congratulations, I loved looking at the whole process, and truly the pin is so eye catching and very appealing,

  • Amber

    Feb 09

    What an amazing process! That is quite the talent Miss Haylee L!

  • Gayle Wheeler

    Feb 09

    This is so interesting. I had no idea what the process involved ... and now I do! What a great post, Haylee. And what a great logo! I've loved seeing it everywhere too!!

  • Magpie

    Feb 09

    Thanks so much for sharing the process of the logo's creation! It's kind of easy to take logo's and things for granted and not realise just how much work goes into them! I LOVE the logo!

  • Carol Valetine

    Feb 09

    I love seeing the process of designing the Logo. You did a wonderful job.

  • peg horn

    Feb 09

    I like it you did a good job

  • Sue Mc

    Feb 09

    love it, and thanks for sharing how you got there Haylee