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Krafty Kids -- Treasure Hunt Jar

Need something to keep the kids busy on a long, summer road trip? My brother and I used to play the gas station game—whoever called out the most gas stations by the end of the trip . . . won! We were so easily amused. Nowadays kids take iPads on the road!

For a change of pace, why not make a treasure hunt jar? Have your kids search the house for tiny, non-perishable items, take a picture of them, print out copies to attach to clipboards, then put them in a plastic jar filled with rice. (You might want to seal the lid shut using hot glue—to avoid disaster!)

As the kids roll the jar, they will discover the individual items and be able to circle them on their sheet of paper. I designed a paper circle for the jar lid using MDS, but your kids can make their own Treasure Hunt lid label with crayons or Stampin’ Write Markers.

P.S. Can you spot the In Color Dahlia, the Naturals Designer Button, and the In Color Boutique Detail embellishment? :) (BTW, these trinkets were photographed on a piece of our beautiful Silver Glimmer Paper.)

Got any fun ideas for road trip activities? Let us know!

Cindy B. Sr. Staff Writer