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Splattering Tutorial

Today I wanted to demonstrate some basic techniques for creating different splatter sizes. I like to use the larger Aqua Painter for all of the splattering I do because the bristles hold more ink. I start by filling the Aqua Painter with some Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill and rubbing alcohol. The more ink refill I use, the darker the splatters will be.

Small splatters

Squeeze your Aqua Painter to get some ink into the bristles. Then lightly tap your Aqua Painter on your pointer finger and over your project.

Medium splatters

Squeeze your Aqua Painter to get ink into your bristles. It’s basically the same motion you used with the small splatters—without the tapping . . . and you will want to hold your Aqua Painter more upright. Quickly move your Aqua Painter towards your project and stop abruptly. You’re basically trying to fling the ink onto your project.

Big splatters (drops)

Hold your Aqua Painter vertical—and high above your project. Squeeze the Aqua Painter and let it drip onto your project.

Another fun technique you can try is mixing VersaMark Refill with rubbing alcohol. This will leave sticky splatters that you can cover with embossing powder, like our Gold Stampin’ Emboss Powder. So fun!

I hope you found these tips helpful. If you have any questions, let me know! I’d be happy to answer them.

Christina N.
Concept Artist


  • Barbara Flanagan

    May 26

    Thank you for the great tutorial! I have been looking for ways to obtain a specific spatter, and this is the answer....awesome!


    May 26

    How much rubbing alcohol do you use?

  • Chrissy

    May 26

    The Versamark will wash out with a little soap, but it may be best to devote one to that solution. I don't know how well you'd be able to wash out the barrel, and it may leave behind some residue.

  • Marisa G

    May 26

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  • Heather Arsenault

    May 26

    Question for you Christina - Are you able to clean the Versamark out of the Aquapainter? Or do you have to devote an Aquapainter strictly to that solution? Love the splatter tips!