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Documenting a Day in Your Life

This is the third year in a row that I have played along with my memory keeping idol, Ali Edwards, in documenting a week of my life. I took pictures and documented my daily routine the week of September 9–15. This is a pretty intensive project but the results are amazing. I will forever cherish looking back on these albums and know that one day my girls will, too.

This year I was excited to use the 8" x 8" Divided Page Protectors for my Week in the Life album. I took anywhere from 25–60 photos a day and knew that the divided page protectors with all of the small pockets were going to be perfect for this project. I am definitely going to need to stockpile these so that I can use them again and again in the coming years.

The only day that I have had time to finish so far is Sunday, so that is all I am showing you for now.

For this project, I was excited to play around with printing cards and page inserts on transparencies. I love how fun it is to see little glimpses of what’s coming up on the next page. To do this, I just designed a few cards and full-page designs in My Digital Studio. I saved the files as JPEGS, then took them to my local office supply store to have them printed on transparencies. The cost ranges from $1 to $2 a page. If you have special transparency paper for your home printer, you can just print them at home. I’m thinking that it would also be super-fun to print out some MDS embellishments (US/CA) to use on cards and scrapbook pages . . . oh, the possibilities!

On this page I added a card to document where each one of us is right now in our lives.

On this spread I added the time of day to some of the photos and a little info here and there.  As you can see, I also added some little transparency squares.  These make me so happy!

On the last page, I documented our entire day from when we woke up in the morning to when we went to bed. The Our Day Digital Stamp was the perfect stamp for this page. It is from the MDS Day in the Life Kit—a perfect set for this project. I tried to keep a mental note of when we did what throughout the day, and at the end of the night I would write it all down. As I said, it was a pretty intensive project, but it was so very worth it in the end.  I can’t freeze time (I want to so badly sometimes) but I can capture a moment in time to look back on and remember forever.

I hope I have inspired you to record and photograph a week (or even just a day!) in your life.

Arika B.
Concept Artist