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Treats. Wrap. Treats. Wrap.

My 3-year-old daughter, Jane, tells me that she wants Santa to bring her a sled for Christmas. She also tells me that her one-year-old brother, Jack, wants stamps. “His own stamps!” she exclaims. I couldn’t agree more; however, I think he has a different idea. Despite all of these wonderful gifts, I believe that the one thing that gets my daughter and son jumping up and down is treats. Any kind of treats.

With that in mind, I have begun the process of packaging “treats” for the music class, the daycare, the Christmas party, etc. (Does it ever end?)

First up is the daycare, and since I have to make these quickly, I grabbed some lunch sacks from our local grocery store, as well as an assortment of candy. I adore the look of the Tea Lace Paper Doilies on almost anything. I stamped them using the a-mazing Christmas Messages Stamp Set.

Voilà. Easy, accessible treats.

I also had a couple of extra-special treats that I wanted to create, so I decided to use the Bigz L Mini Milk Carton. I also used cardstock—as well as the Window Sheets —so you could see what was on the inside.

How cute are they?

Now get crackin’! I bet you have your own treats to create. And be sure to make some extras in case you forget someone!

Cathy Caines
2013-2014 Artisan Design Team


  • Nan F.

    Feb 14

    Well, how creative can one be with such a busy life. We all have a te\alent\\\\ and it is very nice to share

  • brenda

    Feb 14

    I love these ideas! I am going to try them!