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Monday morning began in the call center just as it does every other week, and by 7:00 AM team members were e-mailing and talking with demonstrators all over the US and Canada. Things were humming along . . . and then the magic started to happen. By lunchtime our agents began to notice a trend. Demonstrators were calling in and expressing their appreciation for us. A few agents were even serenaded by a group of demonstrators at the end of their call! That’s when we received our first package and learned about the #weloveds campaign.

We received much more from our demonstrators than what we are showing you here, but we hope these images give you a taste of the wonderful expressions of appreciation we received throughout the week. It was such an awesome, overwhelming experience! 

We received surprise packages filled with cards, banners, and other 3D projects . . . made (of course!) by our creative demonstrators whom we love so much! We also enjoyed chocolate, caramel pretzels, chocolate, lunch, and ya . . . did we mention chocolate?! You really wanted us to know how sweet you think we are—and your message came through loud and clear. 

We were totally spoiled by the #weloveds campaign, and couldn’t have been more touched by the kindness and thoughtfulness so many of you showed us throughout the past week. This will certainly be an experience to remember for years to come.

Thank you once again for sharing your encouragement and appreciation for our team. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s convention, where we will be able to give you the standing ovation you deserve!


Hayley W.
Demonstrator Support Supervisor

Sheryl S.
Demonstrator Business Support Sr. Manager


  • Susan Mac Donald

    Feb 09

    D.S.....well, I don't have all day to chat about them & there are too many words to write; about SUPER DOOPER AMAZING, FRIENDLY, HAPPY, EXPERIENCED, HELP FULL, SUPPORTATIVE, INTERESTED IN THE CONVERSATION....times up, dinner's ready! THANKS BIGGGG TIME...U guys are priceless!

  • Carol Carriveau

    Feb 09

    You each and all soooo deserve the alcolades....we demonstrators could not do our job without each of you....THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Pam Steckman

    Feb 09

    EVERY single time I have called DS I have been wow'ed by the joy I hear in the other person's voice. I can tell that you each LOVE your job, as I love my SU job! Thanks for your support!

  • Amy Fink

    Feb 09

    I have never had a customer service experience like I do when I contact Demonstrator Support. You continually exceed all expectations and are so kind and compassionate. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  • Debbie Koch, Independent Demonstrator

    Feb 09

    I LOVE the people at DS! They have always been friendly, helpful, and courteous! THANK YOU!

  • Jill K. Harris

    Feb 09

    Wow! I wish I had known about this, but I'm not tech savvy and barely know what a # is. But I'll say it here, we do appreciate all that our Demonstrator Support Team does for us every day!! Thank you all!!

  • Sharon McCartney

    Feb 09

    Thank you so much for all you do for us!

  • Jayne

    Feb 09

    You all deserve it! It's always a treat talking to you!

  • Trina Caraway

    Feb 09

    You guys deserve every bit of it! Ya'll are da bomb!

  • Rosy Newlun, Hawai'i

    Feb 09

    So SWEET!!!! I'm new and this is awesomeness!

  • Kristi Kelly

    Feb 09

    You all over at SU are wonderful! Thanks for all the help you give us Demos daily.

  • Kelli Hull

    Feb 09

    You are all a BLESSING to us! Your patience, knowledge, love and did I mention PATIENCE is truly appreciated!!!!!

  • Amy

    Feb 09

    I love this company! And EVERYONE in it!

  • Sally

    Feb 09

    Wow, that is so wonderful. You guys deserve it all!!! <3

  • Lyssa Griffin Zwolanek

    Feb 09

    It is our honor to represent a company that attracts such amazing people to work there. There is a culture of grace and gratitude from the top on down that is extremely rare in this day and age. Thank you for being part of the amazing team at Stampin' Up. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated!

  • Susan Deitch

    Feb 09

    That was a drop in the bucket compared to what all of you do for us demonstrators on a daily basis. We truly do love every one of you!

  • Jann McCollom

    Feb 09

    Rarely a week goes by that I don't have an opportunity to put a call into our demonstrator support at Stampin' Up!. I am ALWAYS met with a friendly voice of one of our wonderful Executive Demonstrator Support team with, "Hi Jann! What Can I help you with today?" Because I am a person who would rather have voice to voice contact I enjoy that I can actually call a company and get a real person who not only knows my name, but will bend over backwards to help. Sometimes it's just to listen to me rant, sometimes it's a simple question they can answer quickly, and sometimes it takes some investigation on their part. It doesn't matter the situation, whichever EDS I am on the phone with is ALWAYS kind, courteous, professional and dedicated to making my job easier. Thank you!!! ‪#‎stampin‬'up!, ‪#‎stampinup‬, ‪#‎weloveDS‬

  • Gayle Enouen, Norman OK

    Feb 09

    So excited to see our group banner posted! We love you DS and was so glad to "show you the love"!

  • Wendy Klein, Littleton, CO

    Feb 09

    Very Well Deserved! Thank you so much DS!!!!