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Doodling Dads

Did you know that a little over 4,877,280 minutes ago I became a dad? It’s true! I have these two little munchkins to prove it.

And if there’s something I’ve found in those 4,877,280 minutes, it’s that I have less and less time. I mean, I know that technically everyone has 1440 minutes in a day, but mine just seem to go by way too fast! So imagine my surprise when I realized that Father’s Day was right around the corner and that I still needed to get something for my dad.

The challenge with my Old Man is that, much likes Jen’s dad,he always pulls the “I don’t need anything” bit. I usually politely ignore him and get him something anyway! So with my lack of time (let’s be honest and call it procrastination!) I quickly tried to work up something that would show how much I love and appreciate him without him feeling like I “got him something.”

What I came up with was, I think, a great compromise between “Don’t get me anything” and “I still love and appreciate you because you’re my dad!” Plus, how many dads sit in meetings all day and need to take notes? Or what about the doodling dad? You know—the one who always has to draw something? What about the home improvement dad who needs a place to write down the right size wing nut or hoochie makoochie that he needs to pick up? Or the list-maker dads—you know who they are! But the absolute best part about this is—it can be done in just a few minutes!

Here is what you’ll need:

Truly the hardest part about this was trying to find the stamps that would best represent my dad and the feelings I have for him.

If you hurry, it’s not too late to get these journals in time for the father(s) in your life. Let us know in the comments section below how you think the journals could be used. Or just tell us something special about an awesome father you know!

Happy Father’s Day!

Casey G.
Sr. Web Properties Specialist 


  • Michele Zygmunt

    May 31

    Great idea, Casey! And I think they would fit in a "dad's" pocket easily too!

  • Casey

    May 31

    @michele you are totally right they are just slightly bigger than my phone and that was my thought too!